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Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Charlotte Driving Academy will design a plan to get you to the finish line with minimal time, and cost! 

Contact one of our Driving Experts to learn more about how our program can help you.

Switching Is Easy!

Transfer from any school in NC, and pick up where you left off!

How To Transfer

Out Of State

Transfer from any North Carolina Driving School. 

  1. Enroll in any of our courses

  2. Contact one of our Training Specialists.

  3. Charlotte Driving Academy will help transfer your records from your previous school.


You will need to provide:

  • Official letter on a letter head (or)
  • Certificate from the school or company where you completed a driver education program

The letter/certificate must show:

  • Completed hours of classroom
  • Completed behind-the-wheel instruction.

If the student meets NC requirements, Charlotte Driving Academy will issue a NC completion certificate. If NC requirements have not been met, a representative will contact you with further instructions. 

Common Questions

Teen Enrollment Requirements

  • 14.5 Years Old (Born After: May 2010) *
  • Pursuing a high school diploma or GED
  • Birth Certificate or Passport

* Students may early enroll up to 6 months prior to eligibility age. Drive Training cannot be completed prior to 14.5 years of age.

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Can I Transfer Training From Another State?

Yes, you can transfer most training from any state!

What Documents Do I Need?

You will need a birth certificate or passport for enrollment.  Charlotte Driving Academy will assist with any other required documentation.

Are there any penalties for transferring?

No, in most cases training is accepted one-for-one. There are rare instances where out-of-state training will differ slightly.  In these cases, a custom plan will be provided at little to no additional cost.

Is There Homework?

Abolutely not! Students may be asked to think of scenarios, or examples to share with class.

I Have More Questions!

Visit our FAQ page or Contact Us

Don’t Meet The Requirements?

No Problem! Enter your e-mail and student driver’s birthdate, and we’ll email you when it is time to enroll!