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Driving Simulator

Blown tires, dropped wheels, and icy roads. Experience challenging scenarios in the safety of our simulator!

Designed for all ages, and driving levels, simulation develops both basic and advanced driving skills. Empowering students with a better understanding of how to navigate various driving environments, ultimately making them safer and more confident drivers.

Benefits of Simulation

  • 1-on-1 Instructional Time
  • Controlled Environment
  • Repeat Difficult Tasks
  • Less Distractions
  • Unique Training Scenarios
  • New Driver Confidence

DriveShield Simulator Training

Included with all Teen Driving Courses!

Life-Saving Training

Night-Time Driving

Hazardous Weather Driving

Distracted Driving Clinic

Emergency Handling

Who Benefits From Simulation ?

Driver Education
Teen & Adult
Simulation provides life-saving training, giving new drivers the skills and confidence needed to protect themselves and their passengers.
Youth Training
Early Safety-Habit Training
Provide preteens and teens with an appreciation for the hazards of driving, and the consequences of distracted driving.
Anxious Drivers
Training At Your Pace
Learning to drive can be stressful. Simulators let you control the pace and intensity of training.
Spectrum Drivers
Low Risk Training
Customize your training to your individual needs.

Impossible Training, Made Possible!

DriveShield simulator courses are beneficial for all drivers, of all ages!  Designed by aviation professionals, our curriculum incorporates advanced training techniques that will increase student skills, situational awareness, and confidence on the road.

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