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Vehicle Safety Package

All vehicles equipped with modern safety features.

Hi-Visibility Vehicles

Vehicles equipped with required signage, and high visibility graphics.

GPS Tracking

All vehicles are tracked in real-time.

Dash Cameras

Vehicle interior and surroundings are monitored during all instructional activity,

CPR & First Aid Certified

All instructors are CPR & First Aid Certified.

Background Checks

All instructors complete annual background checks.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

All instructors are randomly drug and alcohol tested.

Certified & Licensed

All instructors are fully licensed & certified by the State of North Carolina.

What People Say About Us

I want to say a massive thank you to my instructor for her patience and willingness to adapt her teaching methods to work with me. She is an absolute diamond!

Darren Bates –

Darren Bates –

Student, 15

Your staff were attentive to my demands. I was given the confidence to get on the road again. I would recommend you to anyone who want to improve their driving.

Elaine Peterson

Elaine Peterson


I would definitely recommend Fast&Safe Driving School because both instructors were superb! They both made me pass first time. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you.

Michael Watson

Michael Watson


Following an accident I lost all confidence in driving. My instructor took over teaching me to drive and built my confidence back up and got me through my test. Thanks.

Samantha Grant

Samantha Grant

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